Inside Out 312: Mommy Memoirs

05.07.14 | Martha Manikas-Foster

On Sunday, many mothers will be celebrated with flowers and hand-made gifts. It’s appropriate and it’s good—and I, for one, will not be saying no to another trip to the buffet table. But one day of celebration doesn’t give a true picture of the rough-and-tumble, nitty-gritty, exhaustion-upon-exhaustion life of a mom.

And it’s that nitty-gritty that can blindside a new mom.

“I didn’t really realize the physical, the mental, the emotional, psychological—all of that. You have to be “on deck” all the time and I think I was very surprised at how exhausted I was, and now much energy I needed,” says Ann Van De Water of Orchard Park, NY, author of the new book Mommy Memoirs.

“It’s so all-consuming and it’s meant to be that way. That’s the way God designed us,” she says. “He needs us to be the nurturers and the care-givers and we are meant to always be tuned in and trying to do our best and pouring our love into our children.”

Mom’s pour out energy—often all of their energy—and they wake up the next day to do it again. And on many of those days there will be little affirmation or consolation to help a mom recharge.

“But boy, if you’ve invested in your children, and you’ve given them as much of your unconditional love as you can, it’s going to happen naturally over the course of a lifetime,” Ann says. “There are so many blessings and there are times you will just be filled to overflowing.”

Three cheers to you, Mom. May you repeatedly be filled to overflowing. But if the circumstances of your life mean that this doesn’t happen often, or if it seems as though it may never happen, may you find comfort knowing that your sacrifice is not unseen or unappreciated.

“We are doing it for an audience of one. We are doing this for Him,” Ann reminds us. “There’s a Scripture verse, Colossians 2:23-24, and it’s ‘whatever you do, do it wholeheartedly, as though you were working for the real Master and not just for humans. It is Christ your real master, whom you are serving.’ And I think that’s one of the most important things for us to remember.”

Happy Mother’s Day, moms.

Learn about Ann’s book.

Contact Ann about the eBook Devotional that accompanies purchases of the book Mommy Memoirs and follow her blog here.

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on 05.10.14 Stephen J. Schoonmaker commented

Hi Martha!

Hopefully you will get this "posting". I was at a Starbucks today (while my lovely wife was at a class at Misericordia University), and as I lay driving here, I was listening to the local Christian station - Family Life Network, and a "Sonny" said that I should check out your interview with this author. He played a little snippet and I did hear the interviewer provide an Academy Award deserving, hmmm... Sonny sounded like an alright guy, so I tried to download the podcast. Unfortunately, the download speed at Starbucks was not up to the task, but I am sure that the interview was touching, that you could relate to what she was saying, and I am sure you did a great job. Have a nice Mom's Day!

on 05.13.14 Martha commented

Steve! Thanks!




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