Inside Out 308: Somali Christians

04.01.14 | Martha Manikas-Foster

When you pick up your Bible, you’re probably not risking you life.

In the African country of Somalia, owning a Bible—or believing in Jesus—can get you killed.

And still people seek Jesus.

Somalia, known for its pirates and gun battles, is one of the most inhospitable countries in the world for people who love Jesus. According to Open Doors--which tracks world-wide persecution of Christians on its World Watch List—only one country persecutes Christians for their faith more harshly than Somalia. That country is North Korea.

Come. Listen to the story of the people of Somalia, as seen through the eyes of Dr. David Curry, president and CEO of Open Doors USA.

“These are very real people. They’re real stories. And they have been martyred because they wanted to read a Bible, they wanted to serve Jesus,” he says. “It needs to inform and enrich our life in some way; it should not go for nothing that they’ve gone through this.”

Join us for our ten-minute conversation—all you have to do is click the LISTEN or DOWNLOAD icon above. And then pray. Pray for the truth of grace to reach the people of Somalia. Pray for success and safety for those who risk all to bring that truth into Somalia. And then, if I can ask this of you, pray to be grateful that we have easy access to God’s Word.

Read about Somalia on the World Watch List

Learn about the work of Open Doors USA


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