Inside Out 291: Race to Fight Slavery

10.09.13 | Martha Manikas-Foster

A lot of us want to join the fight to end human slavery. I’m guessing that many of us just don’t know where to begin.

But that’s not the case for Alana Smith of Corry, Pennsylvania. Alana, like many of us, is outraged that 27 million people are being coerced, kidnapped, and sold as commodities in the modern slave trade, and she’s found a way to do something about it. She’s organized a 5K race for this Saturday, October 12, in Corry, Pennsylvania with the purpose of raising funds and spurring people to action to fight human trafficking.

The funds she’s raising—100 percent of the proceeds--- will go toward trafficking prevention in the Eastern European Republic of Moldova, a country known both  for its poverty and its export of sex slaves. The money will benefit the ministry Stella’s House, which provides housing for the vulnerable population of girls who are required to leave the country’s orphanages in their mid-teens, often with no means for making a new life.

“They provide shelter for the girls, they provide kind of like the family they never had,” Alana says of Stella’s House in our Inside Out interview. “They’re told about the Lord. They’re educated on sex traffickers so they know what to look for and they don’t fall prey to them once they leave Stella’s House.”

TO HEAR the full 12 ½ minute conversation with Alana Smith, click on an icon above (either Listen or Download). You’ll hear us talk about the 5K race, Alana’s motivations for organizing the event, and some ways to get involved locally in the fight against sexual slavery.

TO PARTICIPATE in the 5K race to benefit Stella’s House, find your way to the American Legion on Scotia Road in Corry, PA on Saturday, October 12, 2013. Race-day registration begins at 7:30, with the race itself starting at 8:30. Volunteers to help with registration should arrive at 7:00 a.m., and those who want to cheer on the runners and walkers are welcome at any time. Financial donations for Stella’s House can be made by writing a check to the Corry First United Methodist Church and sending it to the Corry YMCA.


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