Inside Out 290: The Call to End Hunger

10.02.13 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Before the day is over, almost 16,000 children around the world will die from hunger-related causes.

Here at home, more than one in four American children are at risk of going hungry.

Christians are called to be concerned about the poor and the hungry, along with the orphaned and the widowed and all others who are “doing without” or for whom justice seems a long shot.  As you read this, you may find the words of Jesus coming to mind as He talked about caring for the hungry. That’s foundational, of course, but it’s also true that God did not wait until the Incarnation to begin caring about the poor and hungry.

In light of God’s compassion, last week western New York’s Houghton College brought in speakers and led activities to focus students on the problem of global poverty and hunger in its Third Annual Faith and Justice Symposium. Among the participating organizations was Bread for the World—it’s their hunger statistics I’ve quoted above. Bread for the World is a citizens' group that is motivated by its Christian faith to work to end hunger.

“Hunger’s a massive problem, I think we get that. We know that it’s a persistent problem,” says Krisanne Vaillancourt-Murphy, Bread for the World’s director of Evangelical Church Relations and our guest for this Inside Out conversation. “And to tackle some of these larger problems, it requires an appropriate government response. Because what government does can really help, or really hinder, when it comes to feeding hungry people.”

She says that it’s clear that Christians are throwing themselves into the work of meeting hunger needs in the United States and abroad. And while she encourages Christians to continue the “direct service” ministries like food pantries and soup kitchens, “I think I would challenge American Evangelicals to use their voice. To write a letter. To tell their member of Congress that ending hunger is important to them,” she says.

Join us for a conversation on the essential work Christians are doing, as well as what actions Vaillancourt-Murphy suggests those who care about hunger might take in addition to collecting canned goods and cooking at soup kitchens.

Join us by clicking on an icon above (Listen or Download) for a conversation about hunger and strategies to eliminate it.

Click here to learn more about Bread for the World:


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