Inside Out 287: Everyday Mission

09.04.13 | Martha Manikas-Foster

In the Great Commission, Jesus calls His followers to share His Good News with everyone. And often we think that taking this to heart requires travel overseas—or at least across the state. But today’s Inside Out guest confirms that serving and telling others of the great gift of Jesus doesn’t require a passport--or even a car. Not only can we dedicate ourselves to kingdom service within walking distance of our homes, we get to.

“Part of the good news, as we think of service that’s closer to home, is that you do not have to buy a $2,000 plane ticket to participate in mission to the world that God loves,” says author and blogger Margot Starbuck. 

It’s just a fact that for some of us, serving God in Africa or Asia is unlikely or impossible. “I think a lot of us live with a low-grade guilt that we’re not doing enough to join God in ministry to the world, and a lot of us have just resigned ourselves to that,” she says.

Others assume that because of their physical limitations or family circumstances they are “off the hook” when it comes to serving God by serving others.

But the fact is that investing in the residents of a group home, supporting a family who’s caring for an aging parent, and making friends with a couple in a nursing home are all kingdom service.

“I think that when service—when mission—is at home, this wonderful world of possibility opens up--right?--because that matches the New Testament witness about the early church loving the folks right around them with the love of Jesus,” Margot says.

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Want to learn more about Margot Starbuck and her books, including Small Things with Great Love: Adventures in Loving Your Neighbor? Visit

Read Margot’s “Today’s Christian Woman” article, "Small is the Call: The really good news about the adventure of Christian service".

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