Inside Out 281: The Defended Ones

06.05.13 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Tales of the Defended Ones - bookThe world is filled with difficult stories. Beth Guckenberger knows that. But she also knows that God is in these stories. In her newest book, Tales of the Defended Ones, Beth tells the stories of four children in desperate situations who have found hope through people who serve the greatest Defender of all.

“Oftentimes we think, ‘Oh, we don’t really get to see God’s hand until there’s a bow at the end of the story,’” Beth says. “But really, in the midst of many storylines you can see God’s hand. You can see the light, then focus on the light, and watch it grow to overcome the darkness. That’s just a training that as adults we would all benefit from, but to be able to give that to children at an early age seems like it’s a great benefit.”

Beth lives in Mexico with her husband and nine children where she works as the co-executive director of Back2Back Ministries, a ministry that exists to “transform the lives of orphans and impoverished children in developing countries.” She has written Tales of the Defended Ones for children age eight and older with the hope of introducing them to God’s work as the defender of the defenseless.

“The best thing we can do for kids, who maybe feel and want to be swept up in something bigger than them, is to continue to introduce them to people and to model for them, ourselves, as adults, what it looks like to wade into the chaos of our neighbors’ lives and to not be afraid of questions we don’t have answers to. When kids see us passionate about a kingdom bigger than our own, then they will join us in that.”

As the Tales of the Defended Ones book jacket warns readers, “These stories may change the way you see the world.”

“If I can draw kids back into the heart of Jesus,” Beth says, “then that’s really what I most hope for.”

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