Inside Out 277: When Leaders Feel Isolated

05.01.13 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Leaders--even church leaders--feel lonely. Yes, they are surrounded by people. Yes, they are part of that interconnected community that God calls His Body. Still, many pastors, committee leaders, and mentors in the church fell isolated, and the reasons they feel alone are connected to the very responsibilities they bear as leaders.

“Spiritual leaders are often looked to as someone who can care for and mentor others--guide them spiritually,” our guest Keri Wyatt Kent says. “And they often wrestle with the questions: ‘Well, who’s mentoring me? Where do I take my questions and my doubts? And if I’m supposed to be a role model, leader, encourager--who does that for me?’ And there’s nothing like doubt to make you feel alone.”

Join us for a wide ranging conversation about some of the pressures leaders feel, as well as the benefits of slowing down, spending time in solitude with God, and developing community with those who understand the pressures of leadership. Adding spiritual disciplines to an over-full life may seem like the last thing a leader ought to do, so we also talk about the need to prune away even good activities so that leaders can say “yes” to those things God has in mind for them.

“One of my mentors said, ‘You have all the time you need to do the things that God has called you to do.’ But the problem is many of us say ‘yes’ to things that God has not called us to. We say ‘yes’ to what people have called us to. I think this is especially true in the church.”

To combat this, “leaders need to get clear on calling,” Keri says. “Because I believe we all have what I call a ‘holy yes,’ the ‘yes’ that God is asking us to say. But when we say ‘yes’ to the things He’s not asking us to do, it gets in the way of that. And so we have to say ‘no’ to what He’s not calling us to do. But we need to get clarity about that first.”

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