Inside Out 275: Organ Donation / Taylor's Gift

04.03.13 | Martha Manikas-Foster

April is Organ Donor Awareness Month, the perfect time for a book encouraging us all to register as donors, which is part of the purpose of the new book Taylor’s Gift. And we do need encouragement: more than 115,000 men, women, and children are waiting for the organ donation that will save their lives.   

“Each and every one of us--we have the ability to truly outlive ourselves,” Todd Storch says in today’s interview.

I’m awed that we can contribute to preserving life long after we have no use for our organs; it’s miraculous, actually. But it’s also frightening, because each day an average of 18 people die as they wait. There are just not enough organs available for transplant.

Registering more organ donors is one of the goals of the Taylor’s Gift Foundation, begun by Todd and Tara Storch after they lost their 13 year-old daughter Taylor in a skiing accident in March of 2010. But to say that their new book Taylor’s Gift is about encouraging organ donation would miss much of what is important about this book. Taylor’s Gift is also about waking up with grief as a companion, finding purpose, giving grace to other hurting people, and clinging to God.

“We learned really just to surrender,” Tara Storch says. “As you’re going through your life, you have control of your day, you figure out what you’re doing, and have your to-do list and your work. And everything just busts into a million pieces and your whole life is scattered in front of you and you realize you don’t have control. And so, really to get through this together you have to surrender because you have to give each other the grace to be able to grieve the way he needs to be and I need to be.”

Click on the “Listen” button above to join Todd and Tara Storch in this Inside Out conversation. They talk about working to encourage donor registration, negotiating loss, and expanding their family to include those they know received some of Taylor’s gifts. 

“With our book we really hope people can see us and know—in a very raw way—that they’re going to survive this,” Tara says. “And they’re going to find joy again. And it all comes and stems through our faith.”

Visit the Taylor’s Gift Foundation website, where you can learn about Taylor, the book, and organ donation.


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on 04.04.13 Todd Storch commented

Thank you so much for the time! We really appreciate you helping us help others!!

Todd Storch




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