Inside Out 107: Media and Our Children

06.22.11 | Martha Manikas-Foster

We text, we chat, and we post photos on websites where our friends add comments. Electronic media is thoroughly integrated into our lives—and that means the place they hold in our children’s lives is only likely to grow.

The benefits of electronic communication are enormous. But packaged with the security of being able to reach for a cell phone at any time are vulnerabilities---vulnerabilities like sexting and distracted driving, along with a host of other challenges our children will need to learn to manage.

How can we prepare the kids to navigate the challenges of electronic media? What changes might that entail in our own use of the laptop or the Blackberry? How can families develop a responsible culture for media use—especially when what many Christians aim for is counter to the greater culture?

Joining us for a conversation about intentional parenting strategies for electronic media use is author and blogger Ellen Painter Dollar, author of the Christianity Today’s her.meneutics blog article “Navigating the Sea of Electronic Media.”

Listen in and let us know what you think.

To read Ellen’s her.meneutics blog “Navigating the Sea of Electronic Media,” click here.

For her blog: Five Dollars and Some Common Sense: Honest Writing on Family, Faith and Disability, click here.

For her blog: Choices That Matter: A Place for People of Faith to Reflect on Assisted Reproduction, Genetic Screening, Prenatal Diagnosis and Disability, click here.


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