Homeschoolers In Public School Sports

06.13.14 | Sarah Harnisch

The New York Legislative session ends June 19th. There's a bill in the works that would allow homeschooled children to take part in intramural sports at the public schools. Family Life Morning News Anchor Sarah Harnisch speaks with LEAH Legislative Representative Michael Bailey about what you can do to be involved.


These are the call in numbers for each bill:
State Bill: A6814

Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan Chair of Assembly Education Committee. 518-455-4851

State Bill: S1715

Senator Flanagan

And information on the bills:
Interscholastic Sports Bill (Senate)

The Senate Education Committee has stopped officially meeting. All bills are going to the Rules Committee at this point. Ryan, my son, and I went to Albany yesterday and obtained verbal permission for S1715 to go on the agenda of the Rules Committee. Senator Flanagan sits on this committee (if he is in your district please email or call) and will need to give the go ahead to Senator Libous, the vice-chair of Rules. Please look over the list of the Rules Committee Members and see who might be in your district. Please email and call them.

Interscholastic Sports Bill (Assembly)

The Assembly Education Committee Chairwoman Catherine Nolan must put a bill on the agenda or it does not move off the committee. At this point Sponsor Al Stirpe has been joined by two other co-sponsors Luis Sepulveda and Fred Thiele Jr.! This was a big step. Al has asked for the bill to be placed on the Education Committee Agenda, but so far it has been held off.

Two things will need to take place …
1. We need to know directly from Catherine Nolan her reasoning
2. She needs to hear from her own constituents. If anyone is in her area … PLEASE email and call. ASAP. (518) 455-4851


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