FLN News Special / Remembering Pan Am Flight 103 - Part II

12.18.08 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Dignitaries, friends, and family members will gather around a cairn made of 270 Scottish stones in Arlington National Cemetery on December 21, 2008 --- even as others gather in Syracuse, NY and Lockerbie, Scotland. They will gather to remember the 270 people from 21 countries who died twenty years ago in the Pan Am Flight 103 terrorist bombing.

Some of the changes in our lives since 1988, both nationally and internationally, are a direct result of that Pan Am Flight 103 bombing. That's because the family members and friends of those killed on Pan Am Flight 103 --- as well as Syracuse University itself --- have succeeded in making changes that have an impact on you and me.

To begin to learn more about Pan Am Flight 103, log onto archives.syr.edu/panam/.



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