FLN News / The Blessing That is Adoption

10.05.09 | Bob Price

A Northern Tier family has discovered what a blessing adoption is - through welcoming a 1 1/2 year old baby boy named Rowan into their family. Rowan is from Ethiopia.


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on 10.18.09 Abbey commented

Rowan is such an adorable baby. God works in lives in ways we could never think of. The father is my brother's rowing coach. May God bless there family!

on 10.05.10 Dana commented

thank you... we have recently begun the long process of adoption and really needed to hear this experience. We have enough money to cover the home study, but after that we will rely on God to open doors that will help us finance the rescue of the siblings we are going to adopt. We are not sure where this process will take us, but we trust that God will provide.
Thank you again for the uplifting story