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06.01.10 | Sarah Harnisch

A suicide is completed every 17 minutes. 35 thousand people commit suicide every year. Suicide accounts for 25 billion dollars in costs. It directly impacts 5.5 million people every year -- in the united state alone -- and for every person that dies, 6 to 7 people are impacted by that death. it's the 3rd leading cause of death for teenagers and the second leading cause of death for college kids. Every minute of every day a young person attempts to take their own life. Depression -- a main cause of suicide -- affects more Americans then coronary heart disease, cancer, and aids combined.

FLN's Sarah Harnisch has partnered with the powerful anti-suicide group I-matter, based in the southern tier, to bring you this feature report on suicide. For more on the group I-matter, and what they're doing, visit their website imatterfest.com.


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on 06.01.10 Hannah Hudson commented

This was an AWESOME program! Thank you for airing it, and I hope to hear more about iMatter and Breaking the Silence, the documentary Joseph Channell is working on. I hope people will get behind this ministry. It is truly a 'trenches' ministry, meeting people where they are and being relevant to what they're dealing with. LOVE IT!

on 07.11.10 Debbie Huber commented

I am so excited about this ministry and so in agreement with the above statement. SO burdened for these kids and all too familure with families and teenagers who have been affected.Too many have died !
We are trying to start a group and hopefully our Church & community will get involved,or anyone who is experienced and educated about this issue. But mostly for those who have a heart for the outcasts or unapproachable teenagers who desperately are in need someone to care for,mentor,and walk through the process of recovery with them and hopefully lead them to salvation,hope and restoration from this oppression of the enemy! Anyone who wants to contact me ,please do @ huberfam7aol.com. Lets get in the trenches with these precious kids and offer them life instead of looking the other way and letting them die !I'm in the Amherst /Williamsville area of western NY,its an epidemic here .