FLN News / God's Hope For Heroes

03.02.10 | Ed Thomas

The incidents of suicide within the ranks of U.S. service members have been noticeably increasing, and to the alarm of military leadership, friends and family in our communities. In this feature report, FLN News learns how "Back to the Bible" ministries is now utilizing a prevention tool that sends messages of hope to the cell phones of service members worldwide.


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on 03.02.10 Sheila Courtright commented

This sounds like a great program. My son is now serving our country in South Korea and I am hoping he will sign up for this. Thank you to "Back to the Bible" for allowing this to happen and Thank You to Family Life for sharing!!
God Bless

on 03.04.10 Carol Simons commented

I am passing this information along to my daughter a reservist in the army working with a medical unit in MA. I think it's wonderful. Thank you.