FLN News / Cruise Through Clergy Appreciation Month

10.12.09 | Bob Price

The co-founders of commonkindness.com talk to FLN's Bob Price about how you can send your pastor on a cruise for Clergy Appreciation Month.


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on 10.04.13 mary schmader commented

I would like to know how to get my pastor picked for this cruise. I know each pastor is an amazing God sent. But once you hear my churchs long struggle and when our church was falling apart a man of God and his family brought our small church of about 25 people together and help make our church a whole family again. You would be amazed to see how God works. He and his family aren't fake and have such great hearts for the church members, the community & our ministries. I'd love to tell you our whole story

on 10.15.14 Maurie Comenzo commented

Our pastors, a married and ordained couple, have blessed us abundantly! They truly LIVE what they teach above and beyond our expectations. Through my husband's open heart surgery they were there, physically waiting through hours of anticipation of his survival. Praise God, he survived. Each church member shares a similar experience of how they have truly "laid down their lives" for us!They began to privately and openly commit to deeper prayer by going to our church each morning (7am)and fervently praying for the individual and overall needs of our church members and attenders. As a result of their hard work and dedication to prayer "without ceasing", God's amazing power prevailed.
Through restoration, emotional and physical healing and answered personal prayer in each of our lives, faith, hope and a deeper trust of God's faithfulness has risen to a higher level! Finally, we recently learned that,for over a year, they have not taken a paycheck in order to keep the church's exceptional needs met. Whether one agrees with this decision, the fact that their precious hearts did this was another example of their incredible unconditional love for us. Once again...what an honor and blessing to have pastors who truly LIVE what they teach and preach. Thank you for providing this opportunity for us to surprise and bless them in return!! May God continue to bless your wonderful ministry.