FL News: Uniting to Fight Poverty

01.11.11 | Bob Price

Wheaton College is the first Associate University of the Tony Blair Foundation in the United States. The foundation wants to unite world religions to combat poverty and many other social ills. Could this be a dangerous thing as many Christians contend? Or is it just much ado about nothing? Kurt Goff spoke with Wheaton College president Phil Ryken about all of this.


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on 01.11.11 John commented

I think Kurt was right on track, We serve THE God and he allows all things to come together for good.Who are we to tell God that Haiti is too big for Christians? We need to stand for Him, especially in these times when the times are pointing to Revelation. We need to draw a line in the sand, just as Jesus did. Our military does not join all branches of the military into one unit, they each have a distinct roll.Likewise, Christians don't isolate tragedies and claim them as their own, we simply help in our own way(God's way)and tell of the Good news of Jesus.