FL News: The Secretive Side of the Super Bowl

02.03.12 | Bob Price

Pastor Justin Holcomb with the Mars Hill Church in Seattle talks about the human trafficking that goes on during the Super Bowl in the host city.


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on 02.03.12 Christine Eliason commented

Thank you for not turning you face away from something so ugly!

on 02.03.12 Gladys commented

Why do we have to be confirm with the world. One day of the week we get together to workship The Lord, but we are to involve on this sport, that we have to put worship aside. This is wrrong. God take care of us for 24 hours, seven days a week. He does not take time off to do what ever He wants to do, and forget about us, but we are to involve in the Super Bowl, that we have to take time off from Him. This is very sad.