FL News: Show Me the Stats

11.16.10 | Bob Price

It's all in the stats. Here's one that's often quoted: The divorce rate for Christian couples is the same or even higher than it is for non-believing couples. But is this really true? And what about some of the other "Christian stats" we see reported by the media? Sociologist and Christ follower Brad Wright decided to look at the data for himself. What he found was truly surprising. Kurt Goff joins me with the details.


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on 11.18.10 Dave commented

I've heard part of the broadcast on this topic but having participated in one of these surveys years ago there are some critical flaws in how the survey questions are asked.
1. They ask if you are a Christian
2. They ask if you have ever been divorced
3. They ask if your spouse has ever been divorced

What they do Not ask:
1. Were you saved after your divorce?
2. Was your spouse saved after divorce but prior to 2nd marriage?
3. Did you get saved as a result of your divorce?
4. Did your 2nd spouse get saved as a result of the divorce?
5. Did you get saved after your 2nd marriage but when you began to see some of the same issues coming up again?

The key here is WHEN did the divorce occur - Before or After Salvation!

This makes a big difference in how the statistics are slanted.

Thanks, Dave