FL News: Not a Drop to Spare

02.09.11 | Ed Thomas

With 36 states -- including New York -- anticipating water shortages by the year 2013, water conservation is becoming an increasing concern. The recent meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors made a point of educating leaders on the latest technologies available to cities for conserving water, while giving the new "Water Conservation Awards" to Napa, California and Sandy City, Utah. In this feature, Family Life speaks with water technologies expert Michael Costello of award sponsor Siemens Incorporated to get up to speed on the issues related to conserving our water.


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on 02.14.11 Joan L. Learish commented

On this broadcast, they mentioned that if we would
go to fln.org/news, it would suggest other ways
we might save water. Sorry, but I do not find
it. Am I in the right place?
Joan Learish