FL News: Amish - Out of the Order

12.08.10 | Bob Price

Tonight on the National Geographic Channel, a sect of former Amish in Columbia, Missouri tell their story of why they left. One of the ex-Amish featured is Moses Gingerich, and he talked to Family Life about life has been like for him since leaving.


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on 12.12.10 Patti commented

I saw the program and admire Mr. Gingerich for helping these young people. The desire to pursue an education past the 8th grade seemed to be at the top of the list for some, especially one in particular. If someone would like to help one of these young people with achieving their dream of a college education, who could they contact. God Bless you Mr. Gingerich, and no, I do not believe you will go to hell for leaving the Amish community and helping these young people.(You were asked this in an interview I saw once.) There is a special place in Heaven I believe for someone who helps teenagers and their motive is not for some sort of self-gain. Again, God bless you and all your children.

on 12.21.10 Jack commented

Mose, check out a few Baptist Churches and see that the Lord can be found there as well as personal freedoms.
Todays Baptist and the Amish share Anabaptist roots.
You don't have to remain out of God's camp Jesus is the way.