FL News: A Fracking Forum

05.16.11 | Bob Price

There's a public forum this Thursday night from 7-to-9 at Corning West High school that features homeowners affected by hydro-fracking.  Cornell University researcher, Dr. Tony Ingraffea will be there. Family Life's Bob Price asked him, why do emotions run so high on this issue?


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on 01.06.12 marie commented

hello i am just wondering if ANYONE watched 60 minutes a few months back it showed a lot that can go wrong and the side effects to the land and people. also if things were done the RIGHT way to begin with and the right person was ,this is so hard to say,HONEST AND UP RIGHT and did things the right and honest way all the things that went wrong probably wouldn't have happened .but, all people care about is the almighty dollar not the wellfare of the humans and there land.it was a very good 60 minutes to watch i had it tape to watch it again but erased it on accident,would like to see it again.