FL News / Governing Angry

10.18.10 | Ed Thomas

One of the key story lines watched by political experts this season will be whether the symbolic anger that's propelled Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino into the spotlight over the last month, can continue to propel him forward to victory in the upcoming election. In this feature, Family Life's Ed Thomas looks for answers to that question: How far can anger succeed as a strategy to govern?


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on 10.21.10 Dave S. commented

The greater issue for us Christians: 'is Paladino really a Pro-Life Candidate or not'! This is the only issue that concerns my wife and myself. All other issues come in second place! Because Cuomo has stated he is Pro-Choice I cannot in good conscience vote for he & Duffy. The choice for me always comes down to this! There are people on both sides that I could vote for otherwise, except for this issue, the 2nd issue being gay marriage. The bottom line is: "What does the Bible say about these things?" As Christians, this is our responsibility! It would be nice if we could get some unknown but committed Christian's to run. Perhaps people without a lot of money willing to truly serve the people with a Christ-like attitude! That's my take!

on 10.21.10 Anonymous commented

I totally agree, those are the issues that I am concerned about most as well. I'm stuck with two congressional candidates who believe that homosexual marriage and abortion are ok. So where do I go from here? I don't know if Palladino will flip flop or not. Thank God, He is in control and that He will guide my hand.