Elmira Discipleship House

08.28.14 | Sarah Harnisch

The Elmira Discipleship House is a 9 month training environment for young men and women to encounter Jesus and be launched into their community.

Residents of the Elmira Discipleship House will be immersed in a Christ-oriented Kingdom culture that will direct them towards a lifestyle of intimacy with Jesus.

The goal of the house is to transplant young adults into an environment where they can experience an accelerated time of Spirit led transformation. During the 9 months residents will commit to weekly "rhythms" (schedules) that will equip them to:

A. Encounter God regularly through His Word and prayer. This will no longer be laborious work and take excruciating effort.
B. Live in their royal identity as sons and daughters of The King.
C. Live in humility and surrender. Humility is the fertile ground where the Holy Spirit matures people.
D. Know offense and be set free from its trap.
E. Understand and u se their gifts for the building of the Church. This will include commitment to a local church (continuing at their local church) where they will regularly serve.
F. Bless the community. Regular first hand ministry to the community will include nursing homes, children's clubs, house parties (outreach), street blessings, prison ministry, college campus acts of love, prayer walking, block parties.
G. Listen to God and obey God.
H. Pursue a Kingdom vision for their own life.

The house opens for the first time in October, if they can raise $35,000 dollars. This is what it would go for:

-$35,000.00. In order to obtain the Elmira Discipleship House (the actual house in the video and on the Facebook page) we need:
-1st years mortgage payment up front. This amount totals $28,800.00
-Money will also go towards 1-2 more refrigerators (people gotta eat!)
-You will help us purchase at least one washer and dryer (people gotta have clean clothes!)
-You will help us purchase chairs, tables, office supplies for the classroom at the house (people gotta be taught!)
-Money will NOT go towards paying ANYONE. There is no income being made through this ministry for any person.

Learn more about the Elmira Discipleship House.


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