A Conversation with Frank Schaeffer

02.14.11 | Cecil Van Houten

In this wide ranging conversation, Cecil talks with Frank Schaeffer, author, speaker, film producer and son of the late Francis Schaeffer, founder of L'Abri.  Among other things, they discuss the changes in evangelicalism during the past generation, concerns for the church today and a response to the business/success/political models the church has adapted.


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on 02.15.11 Steven Woodard commented

I first heard Frank Schaeffer speak in 1984, and at that time he made the statement that "you are just as close to God spending Sunday morning in bed with your 2 year old as you are being in church". As i have listened to this pod cast and read recent postings on his blog i see someone who denounces most professing Christians as non-analytical in their thinking, while in his own way replacing God's wisdom for man's wisdom. A recent blog of his read "stick with your love of beauty, and stick with the Sermon on the Mount and forget the rest". That is not taking the whole Gospel of God, he is putting self in the place of God and determining what is relevant in his life and what isn't. In the pod cast he made the statement that it is not the preaching of the gospel but how we treat other people. You can't separate the two. If i treat people with love and compassion but fail to share that it is Christ that compels me to do so, then i have taken Christ's glory. There is nothing good in myself apart from Jesus Christ. If i do good to/for others it is only because of Him. When I fail to verbalize than i have failed in making disciples. The book of Acts, where the church is told to wait on the Holy Spirit and is then scattered to preach and teach the word of God would be a good place to look to see it is both our words and our actions that are called to serve Jesus Christ.