FL News Podcasts

Average Joes: The Four Letter Word....SNOW!

12.09.13 | Jeremy Miller

The Joes tackle a four letter word....SNOW!

Average Joes: Christmas Trees

12.02.13 | Jeremy Miller

The Joes talk about Christmas tree shopping.

Average Joes: Thanksgiving Special

11.25.13 | Jeremy Miller

Chef Nick joins The Joes to talk about Thanksgiving traditions and safety tips.

Average Joes: Critter Control

11.18.13 | Bob Price

Joe Sliwa and Joe Prunier discuss how to get rid of mice in the home.

Average Joes: Leaky Sinks and Runny Toilets

11.11.13 | Bob Price

The Joe's discuss how to fix a faulty sink and runny toilet.

Average Joes: Winter Car Care Tips

11.04.13 | Bob Price

The Joes share the do's and don'ts when it comes to winterizing your vehicle.

Average Joes: More More Home Winterization Tips

10.28.13 | Bob Price

The "Joes" talk about how to cut down on your energy bills this winter.

Average Joes: Essential Tools Every Home Should Have

10.21.13 | Bob Price

Joe Sliwa and Joe Prunier talk about the tools every family needs to have.

Average Joes: Plumbing Do's and Dont's

10.14.13 | Bob Price

Joe Prunier and Joe Sliwa take your plumbing questions.

Average Joes: Fall Prep Work II

10.07.13 | Bob Price

Joe Prunier and Joe Sliwa talk fall prep work.