FL News Podcasts

The Average Joes: Home Energy Audits

10.20.14 | Bob Price

The Joes discuss why getting a home energy audit is such a good idea - this time of year.

The Average Joes: Autumn Clean-up

10.06.14 | Bob Price

The Joes discuss pruning bushes, fall lawn-care, leaf pickup, and autumn fertilizing.

The Average Joes: Chore Wars!

09.22.14 | Bill Price

Joe Sliwa's wife Elizabeth and Joe Prunier's wife Cindy join the Joes to discuss how they divvy up house-hold chores!

The Average Joes: Electronics in the Home

09.05.14 | Bob Price

The Average Joes talk T-V's, computer problems, and how to clean your electronics.

The Average Joes: Grillin' Do's and Don'ts!

09.01.14 | Bob Price

The Joes talk about trouble-shooting a grill that won't work, how to clean and store a grill, and what they're favorite grilling recipes are!

Average Joes: Pool Rules and Proper Care

07.14.14 | Bob Price

The Joes discuss pool safety, maintenance and construction.

Average Joes: Keeping your Home Cool when the Weather turns Hot

06.30.14 | Bob Price

The Joes discuss ways to keep your home cool when the weather turns hot!!

Average Joes: Gardening Part 2

06.09.14 | Bob Price

The Joes continue our 2-part series on Gardening, where to plant a garden, what organic means, and they discuss urban gardening as well.

The Average Joes? Gardening Part 1

06.02.14 | Bob Price

The Average Joes talk about garden prep work, what vegetables do well in NY and PA and what plants you should never plant next to each other!

Average Joes: Sealing the Driveway

05.20.14 | Bob Price

The "Joe's" have some timely advice on all you need to know when sealing your driveway.