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People Making a Difference / The Kitchen Project

09.11.09 | Elizabeth Weaver

St. Martin's Center in Erie is working with local community members to provide training and skills they need to be restaurant workers.

People Making a Difference / Binghamton Chapter of Community Bible Study

09.04.09 | Elizabeth Weaver

FLN's Elizabeth Weaver spotlights the local chapter of a national organization that creates local interdenominational Bible studies. In Binghamton, it's a group of Christian women from all walks of life that are coming together to study God's Word.

People Making a Difference / Human Touch Initiative

08.14.09 | Elizabeth Weaver

A Rochester based organization is offering oncology massage to low to middle income patients who are dealing with cancer.

People Making a Difference / The Friendship Tree

08.07.09 | Elizabeth Weaver

A grassroots, community-run group is helping to meet the tangible needs of those in the Broome County area.

People Making a Difference / Neighborhood Art House

07.31.09 | Elizabeth Weaver

Family Life's Elizabeth Weaver looks at a program run by the Benedictine Sisters of Erie. It exposes kids to the arts and gives them free lessons as an alternative to hanging out in the streets.

People Making a Difference / On Point For College

07.24.09 | Elizabeth Weaver

An organization out of Syracuse, NY is helping lower income teens become first generation college students...and making sure they stay there.

People Making a Difference / Jammies For GI's

07.17.09 | Elizabeth Weaver

This week, Elizabeth Weaver brings you to an organization out of Tonawanda, NY that is collecting clothes for wounded soldiers stuck in hospitals away from home.

People Making a Difference / Habitat for Humanity (Lackawanna County)

07.10.09 | Elizabeth Weaver

The local chapter of the international organization that is working to provide house to low income families in the Scranton area.

People Making a Difference / Touching Hearts in Tibet

06.26.09 | Elizabeth Weaver

In this week's "People Making a Difference," an international organization is combining their prayer ministry with medical assistance to heal children in the Himalayas.

People Making a Difference / House of Healing

06.19.09 | Elizabeth Weaver

In this week's "People Making a Difference," Elizabeth Weaver spotlights a group home in Erie for women involved in the criminal justice system and their kids.

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