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People Making a Difference / Campus Target

03.19.10 | Elizabeth Weaver

A mission group that sends young adults to University campuses in China to build relationships and spread the Word of God.

People Making a Difference / Girl Effect

03.12.10 | Elizabeth Weaver

A multi-organization project that works to train and educate girls in developing countries.

People Making a Difference / One Child International

02.19.10 | Elizabeth Weaver

A resource for families wishing to adopt international child. It connects them with groups, links, and information on how to undertake bringing another member into the family.

People Making a Difference / Heart of God Haiti

02.12.10 | Elizabeth Weaver

Heart of God Haiti is part of the Heart of God International Ministries, which is reaching out to Haitians through education and Bible teaching.

People Making a Difference / Operation Welcome Home and Recovery

02.05.10 | Elizabeth Weaver

A program of the Veterans Outreach Center in Rochester, NY. It targets soldiers returning from the Middle East and connects them to programs they-and their families-need.

People Making a Difference / Sew Green

01.29.10 | Elizabeth Weaver

A non-profit in Ithaca, NY that promotes sewing and design with recycled material.

People Making a Difference / Bamboo Bike Project

01.22.10 | Elizabeth Weaver

A project started by Columbia University's Earth Institute, it's designed to help create bikes for transportation at low cost to Africans using their own materials.

People Making a Difference / Gift Card Giver

01.15.10 | Elizabeth Weaver

A non-profit that collects your used or unused gift cards to combine their balances and give that money to the needy.

People Making a Difference / Goodies For Our Troops

01.08.10 | Elizabeth Weaver

An organization based out of Wellsboro, PA that sends monthly care packages to the men and women in the armed forces.

People Making a Difference / Advent Conspiracy

12.18.09 | Elizabeth Weaver

A national movement is aimed at getting Americans to think about what they really want to get out of Christmas.

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