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PMAD: Catholic Charities, One for All

11.19.10 | Ed Thomas

When the economy goes up and down, we might end up needing a little help financially. That's when Catholic Charities makes an impact across the country, helping to soften the blow of the effect of hard times.

PMAD: Reaching the Nations

11.12.10 | Ed Thomas

New York State receives and resettles the fourth highest number of refugee immigrants in the U.S., 25 percent of those in Erie County alone.

People Making a Difference / Eight Days of Hope Nashville

11.05.10 | Ed Thomas

A major short-term rebuilding campaign is set to take place for homes and other buildings in Nashville, Tennessee soon, part of the ongoing efforts to recover from floods in the historic city earlier this year that caused over two billion dollars in damage.

People Making a Difference / Domestic Violence: Your Solution

10.29.10 | Ed Thomas

Family Life News examines part 3 of our series in support of domestic violence awareness month.

People Making a Difference / Domestic Violence: A Church Reality

10.22.10 | Rick Snavely

In recognition of October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, this edition of People Making A Difference is part two of our series on how individuals are using their experience and calling to bring attention to, and education about the issue, to the public.

People Making a Difference / Eyes to See and Voice to Tell

10.08.10 | Ed Thomas

October is domestic violence month, and the push for education on this problem continues, because we don't always know how to recognize it -- but many people who are advocates for victims do, and want to help us see the problem around us.

People Making a Difference / Transforming Love

10.01.10 | Ed Thomas

What happens when a single parent from Western NY decides to take every lesson, and bit of compassion, that she says God gave her when she became a single mom, and uses it to form a support group that attempts to make life better for others in the same position?

People Making a Difference / Compassion Makes the Difference

09.24.10 | Ed Thomas

The bells of the Salvation Army have been ringing for the last two centuries in England and here in the U.S., but that's far from all of what the organization and ministry does to help families and needy individuals.

People Making a Difference / Love Without a Word

09.17.10 | Ed Thomas

Former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly and his wife Jill knew the secret heartache of a struggling marriage .However it took a life-threatening illness afflicting their infant son for them to realize just what even a helpless child could do to make a difference in their lives.

People Making a Difference / ARM'ed and Ready for Missions

09.10.10 | Ed Thomas


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