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PMAD: To Save a Life

05.27.11 | Ed Thomas

The work to preserve life starts in each local community, and much of it is often led by example at Crisis Pregnancy Centers. This edition of PMAD takes a look at the Pregnancy Resource Center of the Valleys in Steuben County.

PMAD: Transforming Single Moms

05.20.11 | Ed Thomas

This edition of PMAD features a single parent from Western NY who took every lesson -- and bit of compassion -- that God gave her when she became a single mom, and used it to form a support group that attempts to make life better for others in the same position.

PMAD: Grace House Hopes to Make Elmira Home

05.13.11 | Ed Thomas

Outreach workers in Elmira are fighting to create a transitional assistance housing program for former prisoners who've been released using a faith-based program that already a success in New York State.

PMAD: The Waterproof Bible

05.06.11 | Ed Thomas

What would be a way to share your heart's compassion, and ease the struggles of others, at the same time? The answer could be as simple as paying attention to what you pass by on any given day in your world.

PMAD: Take Me to the River

04.29.11 | Ed Thomas

This June, another group of single Moms will gather for a weekend unlike anything they'll experience during the course of the year.

PMAD: Touched by An Angel's Food

04.22.11 | Ed Thomas

Learn how families making ends meet in tough economic times are being helped by an outreach team that's putting low-cost and nutritious foods on their dining tables, along with helping hands from local churches.

PMAD: By and for the People

04.01.11 | Ed Thomas

On this edition of People Making a Difference, we follow up on our coverage of the 2011 edition of the annual New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms Legislative Day in Albany. Get a close-up look at one attendee, as well as those who came with him, to help fulfill the theme "Restore New ...

PMAD: Driving for the Ultimate Race

03.25.11 | Ed Thomas

Hear about the Watkins Glen Racing Ministry's effort to make a special kind of sports culture another fertile spiritual garden bearing fruit.

PMAD: Taking On The Homeless

03.18.11 | Ed Thomas

This edition of People Making a Difference focuses on a pastor in Brockway, Pennsylvania and a ministry called "Just for Jesus" that's meeting the needs of society's most downcast.

PMAD: A Walk on the "WE" Tour

03.11.11 | Ed Thomas

What would motivate a man to spend months walking from one end of the continental United States to the other?

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