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People Making a Difference / Reins of Hope

06.12.09 | Elizabeth Weaver

FLN's Elizabeth Weaver tells you about a horse riding program in Elmira, NY that gives those with disabilities the chance to ride.

People Making a Difference / Two Smiles One Hope

06.05.09 | Elizabeth Weaver

Two Smiles One Hope is an organization aimed at raising funds and awareness about the devastating effects of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

People Making a Difference / Crossing the Finish Line

05.29.09 | Elizabeth Weaver

In this week's People Making a Difference feature, FLN's Elizabeth Weaver highlights a Pennsylvania organization that provides week long respites for cancer patients and their families.

People Making a Difference / Plant a Row for the Hungry

05.22.09 | Elizabeth Weaver

It is time start planting those gardens! But did you know you can help those in need while you are getting your hands dirty? FLN's Elizabeth Weaver highlights Plant a Row for the Hungry.

People Making a Difference / A Room to Heal

05.15.09 | Elizabeth Weaver

In today's installment of People Making a Difference, Elizabeth Weaver takes you to Broome County, NY. One group there is doing "extreme homemakers" to the rooms of ill children.

People Making a Difference / Prison Project

05.08.09 | Elizabeth Weaver

Ex-convicts can have a tough time finding jobs and homes once they are released from prison. That is where Haven Development comes in. Elizabeth Weaver speaks with Wayne Blow, who is one of the people heading up the Prison Project in Pennsylvania.

People Making a Difference / Bike and Build

05.01.09 | Elizabeth Weaver

In this week's "People Making a Difference" feature, FLN's Elizabeth Weaver spotlights a national organization that is involved in the Ironman Duathlon of community service projects.

People Making a Difference / Soles For Souls

04.24.09 | Elizabeth Weaver

You may not think much about your footwear, but there are many poor people who do not take their shoes for granted. In this week's People Making a Difference, FLN's Elizabeth Weaver spotlights a national organization that is taking steps to cover the feet of the poor.

People Making a Difference / Mama Project

04.17.09 | Elizabeth Weaver

FLN's Elizabeth Weaver introduces you to an organization out of Pennsburg, PA that is stamping out malnutrition and disease in kids across the world. To learn more about the Mama Project, visit mamaproject.org.

People Making a Difference / Responding to the Tragedy in Binghamton

04.10.09 | Elizabeth Weaver

Today marks the one week anniversary of the tragic shooting in Binghamton, when a disturbed 41 year old man walked into the American Civic Association building and killed 13 people before taking his own life. FLN News pays tribute to some pretty remarkable people who are doing some amazing work in ...