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FLN News / A Threat to Peace

12.08.08 | Ed Thomas

There has been a great deal of tension between India and Pakistan following the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India. Could that be what the terrorists had in mind in their efforts to disrupt peace? FLN's Ed Thomas speaks with a Middle Eastern expert and former Palestinian terrorist who says yes.

FLN News / Diabetes

12.02.08 | Bob Price

FLN's Bob Price investigates an emerging health threat in our society. That threat is diabetes, a disease that health-care professionals fear might become an epidemic.

FLN News / Extreme Makeover: Strykersville, NY Edition

12.01.08 | Alan Gustafson

Robert Toland is an army veteran, a husband, and a father. He is also facing terminal cancer. Hear how his community joined together to make a difference for him and his family.

FLN News / Hunger

11.26.08 | Ed Thomas

During a season of feasts, FLN News is focusing on hunger. Ed Thomas has "prepared" a special report, spotlighting a world hunger relief group that's re-tooling its approach to fighting this problem.