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FLN News / President Obama's Faith-Based Initiative

02.05.09 | Ed Thomas

FLN's Ed Thomas examines how the faith-based initiative of the Obama Administration will differ from the policies of the Bush Administration.

FLN News / Combating Veteran Suicide

02.03.09 | Ed Thomas

FLN's Ed Thomas examines the record number of suicides in the Army. It is no secret that soldiers often have a hard time re-adjusting to civilian life after their tour of duty is up. Now, a group known as the National Veterans Foundation is stepping up to assist in those transitions.

FLN News / Return of the Fairness Doctrine?

02.02.09 | Bob Price

FLN News takes a look at the Fairness Doctrine. What is it and how will it affect the media? Bob Price speaks with conservative talk show host Janet Parshell.

FLN News / Changing Attitudes About Retirement

01.29.09 | Bob Price

Sun Life Financial did a survey recently and found seventy-seven percent of employees plan to work past the traditional retirement age.

FLN News / New Year Fitness

01.26.09 | Ed Thomas

How are you doing with your New Year's resolution? If you are like most, you are saying, "What resolution?" When it comes to fitness and nutrition, FLN News is here to help.

FLN News / Presidential Prayer

01.23.09 | Ed Thomas

Is it important for people of faith to uphold the new president in prayer? FLN's Ed Thomas talks to an area pastor and a national prayer organizer about how Christians can make a difference through prayer.

FLN News / Back from the Inauguration

01.22.09 | Elizabeth Weaver

Elizabeth Weaver just got back from her trip to Washington D.C She describes her experience watching the Inauguration from the National Mall.

FLN News / The Impact of Abortion

01.19.09 | Bob Price

Less than a decade ago Vanessa O'Brachta had an abortion. She was just 18 then and was involved in a crisis pregnancy. O'Brachta is now 26 years-old, and she tells FLN's Bob Price how that decision affected her life.

FLN News / Bush's Farewell Speech

01.15.09 | Bob Price

FLN's Bob Price takes a closer look at President Bush's farewell speech tonight. Will it do anything to sway public opinion? Political scientist Dr. Kevin Hardwick weighs in on the speech.

FLN News / Right of Conscience

01.13.09 | Ed Thomas

Starting January 19th, the Federal Health and Human Services Department will not require medical professionals to provide services that violate their moral or religious beliefs.

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