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FLN News / The Rise of Homeschooling

06.11.09 | Sarah Harnisch

The number of homeschoolers has doubled in the last 8 years according to USA Today. Sarah Harnisch goes to the experts to discuss this issue. Rudy is from Long Island and is the president of NY state LEAH, and Judy has worked homeschool conventions in NY and PA for over a decade.

FLN News / Top Kitchen Gadgets

06.08.09 | Bob Price

Today we are talking about some of the most innovative products on store-shelves this year. Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert is our guest and he talks about a recent contest where 100,000 Americans voted of the best of the best as far as gadgets in your grocery aisle.

FLN News / Tiananmen Square: 20 Years Later

06.04.09 | Bob Price

Today marks two decades since the brutal crackdown on student demonstrators in Tiananmen Square. FLN's Bob Price takes a closer look at what really happened and how it changed China forever.

FLN News / Church Security in America

06.02.09 | Ed Thomas

With each shocking incident of violence taking place in U.S. churches, the need for a comprehensive security program seems to be clear. But which churches should even be worried about security, and how do they get started with the process?

FLN News / Safety of Our Borders

06.01.09 | Sarah Harnisch

You better have a passport or enhanced driver's license if you want to get in Canada -- that is because tighter security at the border starts today. FLN's Sarah Harnisch speaks with a former FBI agent on national security.

FLN News / A Closer Look at Prop 8

05.28.09 | Ed Thomas

FLN News takes a closer look at the measure that bans same-sex marriage in California. The referendum was upheld by the states' highest court this week and many conservative activists wonder what is ahead in the battle to protect traditional marriage?

FLN News / President Obama Nominates Judge Sotomayor

05.26.09 | Bob Price

President Obama has nominated Judge Sonia Sotomayor to replace David Souter on the Supreme Court. Sotomayor grew up in the projects of New York City and worked her way through law school -- that we know. But what kind of a judicial temperament does she have?

FLN News / Fate of Faith in America

05.25.09 | Bob Price

A new study shows the number of professing non-believers continues to grow in America. FLN's Bob Price and Sarah Harnisch discuss the current state of faith in the nation with famed Atheist Christopher Hitchens and former Atheist, turned Christian Apologist Lee Strobel.

FLN News / The Unlikely Disciple

05.21.09 | Sarah Harnisch

What would it be like to go to a college where you did not agree with the teaching? What if you were raised as an atheist, a Muslim, or a Quaker and tried a semester at the nation's largest evangelical Christian university?

FLN News / Where Have All the Voters Gone?

05.19.09 | Bob Price

Today is Primary Tuesday in Pennsylvania and school budget day in New York. Yet not a lot of voters are expected to head out to the polls and cast their votes. FLN's Bob Price speaks with Dr. Ralph Kerr from the Teaching and Learning Institute of Western New York to find out why so few take part.

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