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Adapting to the Common Core

05.12.14 | Lindsay Debach

The implementation of the Common Core learning standards caused a lot of confusion this year for students, parents, and teachers. While a majority of educations are for higher standards...the roll-out of these new learning styles may need some re-thinking.

Focus on Missions

05.08.14 | Lindsay Debach

A look at how long-term support of missionaries is a necessity, even when we can't see the immediate results.

Millennials and the Bible

05.06.14 | Lindsay Debach

A poll by the Barna Group shows a rise in skepticism amongst teens and young adults. This is a look at why the church is "missing millennials" and what we can do to win this generation for Christ.

Mission to the Amish

05.01.14 | Lindsay Debach

Joe Keim is the founder of Mission to Amish people, and shares how he is reaching this iconic group with the Gospel.

The Safe Act Under Fire

04.29.14 | Lindsay Debach

New York's S.A.F.E Act outlines the strictest gun control laws the state has ever seen. Tune in to hear why the legislation has gun-owners concerned about their right to bear arms.

A Look Behind Organic Labeling

04.25.14 | Lindsay Debach

The organic food movement is a multi-billion dollar affair for the big food industry. Farmers weigh in on why they did...or didn't.... decide to become certified organic.

Medical Marijuana

04.23.14 | Lindsay Debach

This report takes a look at the controversy surrounding the Compassionate Care Act-and similar legislation from NY Governor Andrew Como-that would legalize marijuana for medical purposes.

Casino Controversy

04.21.14 | Lindsay Debach

New York's Proposition One will pave the way for several new casino resorts across the state-but will it have an affect on problem gambling?

Benjamin Ministries: Carrying On Through Grief

04.09.14 | Terese Main

Death is never easy to talk about. Grief and sadness are heavy burdens to bear. One Rochester-area ministry is helping families who have suffered great loss through Benjamin Ministries. Terese Main talks with the group's founders in this Family Life News Report. Find out more about Benjamin ...

Future City Competition

02.18.14 | Sarah Harnisch

6th, 7th and 8th grade students in Corning, New York competed in the National Future City engineering Competition. Sarah Harnisch spoke with science teacher Kim Nightingale on the adversity they faced to get to the competition.

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