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FLN News / The Erosion of Parental Rights

11.03.09 | Bob Price

Erik Lansing with Parentalrights.org talks to FLN News about his effort to pass a constitutional amendment protecting the rights of parents.

FLN News / The Gary Harvey Story: An Update

10.28.09 | Sarah Harnisch

Sara Harvey's husband Gary had a heart attack and fell down the basement steps -- and became brain damaged. But she got into a tiff with the Chemung County home he was in over a fish line, and lost custody of her husband. But a small victory was recently won in court.

FLN News / The Twilight Phenomenon

10.26.09 | Bob Price

Bob Price talks to pastor and author Kurt Brunner about the widely popular vampire fantasy novel.

FLN News / YouthCorps Building For a Family in Need

10.20.09 | Bob Price

A Christian humanitarian group is building a new home for a special needs family from Machius, NY. Find out more in this podcast!

FLN News / The Greatest Story Ever Told Gets the Hollywood Treatment

10.19.09 | Bob Price

A new audio bible published by Thomas Nelson features more than 400 actors and actresses and a world-class musical score. FLN's Bob Price talks to the director, Jobe Cerney.

FLN News / Cruise Through Clergy Appreciation Month

10.12.09 | Bob Price

The co-founders of commonkindness.com talk to FLN's Bob Price about how you can send your pastor on a cruise for Clergy Appreciation Month.

FLN News / How to Beat Depression

10.06.09 | Bob Price

Dr. Donald Hall -- author of "Breaking through Depression" -- talks to FLN News about the symptoms of depression and how to erase the stigma associated with depression.

FLN News / Should PA Lawmakers be Recalled?

10.05.09 | Bob Price

A House democrat has proposed a constitutional amendment that would force lawmakers to seek re-election every time there's a late state budget.

FLN News / The Blessing That is Adoption

10.05.09 | Bob Price

A Northern Tier family has discovered what a blessing adoption is - through welcoming a 1 1/2 year old baby boy named Rowan into their family. Rowan is from Ethiopia.

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