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FLN News / The Battle of Ideals in NY Politics

01.05.10 | Ed Thomas

Last year's replacement of former Senator Hillary Clinton and the 23rd Congressional District special election, were just two examples of the attempt to use NY's political environment to impact the larger cultural clash in the U.S.

FLN News / Dress for Success

01.04.10 | Bob Price

FLN News spotlights the not-for-profit group that provides free professional outfits for disadvantaged women on job interviews. Our guest is Dress for Success CEO Joy Gordan.

FLN News / 2009 Year in Review

12.31.09 | Bob Price

FLN's Bob Price and commentator Kirby Anderson reflect on the news of 2009 in this half hour special feature.

FLN News / Updating A Samoan Tragedy

12.29.09 | Ed Thomas

Two Elmira natives with family roots in American Samoa have been working to continue sending help to their family and friends in the South Pacific island. FLN News takes a second look now at how the territory's rebuilding process is developing.

FLN News / Memories, Quilts and Blessings

12.28.09 | Ed Thomas

Can an age-old story in the Bible have meaning for lives in today's world? A new novel by Bishop T.D. Jakes shows how it does just that, in the life of a fictional grandmother who learns to appreciate her own life through the miracles surrounding Mary the mother of Jesus.

FLN News / Milk and the Future

12.22.09 | Ed Thomas

The market price of milk has been falling, and dairy farmers suffering, during the recession. FLN News speaks with a farmer and a veterinarian in NY, to see what some of those challenges have been doing to farms and families in the industry.

FLN News / Nelson Says His Pro-Life Stance Satisfied

12.21.09 | Ed Thomas

FLN News looks at one of the most contentious political issues in U.S. history -- abortion -- and how its played a major part in getting health care reform legislation through our Congress this year.

FLN News / Will the World Agree on Climate Change?

12.16.09 | Ed Thomas

The Copenhagen Climate Change Conference may be the most important meeting on the topic that's ever taken place, and the implications for the U.S.'s laws and its economy perhaps never bigger. FLN News looks at the issues figuring into commitment to change on the part of all the nations...

FLN News / Welcome to Washington, Mr. Congressman (Part 2)

12.15.09 | Ed Thomas

FLN News looks at Congressmen Eric Massa from NY, and Glenn Thompson from PA, both beginning their second year in Washington, continues. The team went to the U.S. Capitol to find out what you would see if you went to check on the lawmakers in person.

FLN News / Welcome to Washington, Mr. Congressman (Part 1)

12.14.09 | Ed Thomas

The journey into politics has led two freshman politicians from NY and PA into the fast-paced world of the U.S. federal government in Washington. FLN News spoke with New York 29th District Representative Eric Massa and Pennsylvania 5th District Representative Glenn Thompson, who took us inside ...

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