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News: Multi-culturism in the Church

09.10.12 | Bob Price

With society becoming increasingly diverse, why is the church not keeping pace? Dr. David Ireland, pastor of the Christ Church in New Jersey and author of "The Skin you Live In" ..takes a deeper look at multiculturalism and the Church

News: Stories of Survival

09.03.12 | Bob Price

Hurricane Irene caused 56 deaths and caused 15.6 billion dollars in damage to New York and Pennsylvania, making it the 5th costliest hurricane in American history. Tropical Storm Lee, which struck 10 days later on September 7th, 2011, spawned 30 tornadoes and cost 1.6 billion dollars. New York ...

News: Brokenness and the Christian Faith

08.27.12 | Bob Price

Why is brokenness so necessary in authentic faith. We're talking to best-selling author and Women of Faith speaker Sheila Walsh about her new novel that talks about how if you don't deal with your past, it will deal with you.

News: Controversial Trip to Israel

08.20.12 | Bob Price

A group of Republican lawmakers and staff jumped into Israel's Sea of Galilee last year after a night of dining and drinking, and one freshman congressman was not clothed, Republican aides confirmed late on Sunday. The incident, first reported by Politico on Sunday, was investigated by the FBI and ...

News: How to Stress Proof the Back to School Experience

08.20.12 | Bob Price

Is your family ready for the back to school routine? Family Life news has assembled a panel of experts to give you some peace of mind

FL News: Storm Coverage

07.27.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Elmira, New York was among the hardest hit. There's hardly a street without a downed tree on it. At the center of the crisis is Joel Robinson, the Executive Director for the Sullivan Trail Chapter of the American Red Cross, which covers Chemung and Schuyler Counties. Morning News Anchor Sarah ...

FL News: Whooping Cough Cases on the Rise

07.18.12 | Bob Price

Beverly Butz with the Steuben County Office of Public Health talks to Family Life about the warning signs of whooping cough.

FL News: Congressman Tom Reed on ObamaCare

06.28.12 | Bob Price

For an interview on what happens next, Family Life News Director Bob Price spoke with New York Congressman Tom Reed.

FL News: Dr. Kevin Hardwick on ObamaCare

06.28.12 | Bob Price

For an interview on the political fallout from the Affordable Care Act, Family Life News Director Bob Price spoke with Canisius College Political Professor Dr. Kevin Hardwick.

FL News: Eric Baxter ObamaCare

06.28.12 | Sarah Harnisch

For an interview into how this will affect religious businesses, Family Life Morning News Anchor went to the Beckett Fund. They brought the first four lawsuits against the President's healthcare plan.

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