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TLI: Back to School Tips

08.30.12 | Cecil Van Houten

With schools starting in the next few days, Dr. Ralph Kerr of the Teaching & Learning Institute and Cecil talk about back-to-school topics including supplies and clothing, school breakfast and lunches and parental involvement.

TLI: Everything's Bigger in Texas - But Really?

08.23.12 | Cecil Van Houten

Dr. Ralph Kerr of the Teaching and Learning Institute and Cecil discuss the new $60 million football stadium in the Dallas, Texas suburb of Allen. While this was a voter-approved bond measure, what are the pros and cons of investing so much in a facility for sports while teachers are being laid ...

TLI: Court Rules Cheerleading is Not a Sport

08.16.12 | Cecil Van Houten

Although participation requires a great deal of athletic skill and agility, a court ruling has struck down the contention that cheerleading is a ‘sport’ like football or volleyball in public schools. The ruling goes back to a 1972 regulation that schools must offer equal participation in ...

TLI: Dress Codes Aren't Just For Students Anymore

08.09.12 | Cecil Van Houten

Dress codes used to be aimed at school students but increasingly today they are directed at teachers as well. Many school districts are tightening up what is allowable as younger teachers, to whom tattoos, piercings and very casual clothing are not considered unprofessional. What is professional? ...

TLI: NY Governor Vetoes Education Bill

08.02.12 | Cecil Van Houten

Dr. Ralph Kerr of the Teaching and Learning Institute and Cecil discuss Governor Cuomo's veto this week of a bill passed by the state Senate and Assembly that would have required local school districts to provide for special-needs students to be educated at any school of the parent's choice. They ...

TLI: Teachers Unions in Retreat

07.26.12 | Cecil Van Houten

There are changes happening in one of the largest teachers unions in the country. The National Education Association, faced with declining membership and diminished revenues, is shifting its focus from being a powerful national lobbying group to more of an education-oriented local partner in ...

TLI: Lessons Learned From the Penn State Tragedy

07.19.12 | Cecil Van Houten

Dr. Ralph Kerr of the Teaching and Learning Institute talks with Cecil about some of the results of the Louis Freeh report on the Penn State scandal. A timely reminder for education professionals and parents and citizens as well that the needs and safety of children should never be compromised in ...

TLI: School Administrators Embrace Digital Devices

07.12.12 | Cecil Van Houten

A recent survey shows that among education professionals, school administrators are ahead of the curve of embracing new technology to use in their jobs, especially smartphones and tablets such as the iPad. More applications are allowing administrators to ‘go mobile’ and use devices for faster ...

TLI: Summer's Here But Schools Are Still Busy

07.05.12 | Cecil Van Houten

Even though students have left the building, the building is busy with activity all summer long from cleaning and refurbishing to administrative work and updating school bus routes. Dr. Ralph Kerr of the Teaching and Learning Institute takes a look behind the scene at what’s going on during the ...

TLI: Homeschooled Students in Public School Activities Part 2

06.28.12 | Cecil Van Houten

In the second of a two-part series, Dr. Ralph Kerr of the Teaching and Learning Institute and Cecil talk about the issues surrounding the question of whether or not homeschooled athletes should be allowed to participate in sports programs in the public schools. Last week the focus was on the ...

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