FL News Podcasts

Teaching & Learning Institute / The Gender Gap in Technology Education

11.19.09 | Cecil Van Houten

Hear how one school district is attempting to address it.

Teaching & Learning Institute / Selecting a College

11.12.09 | Cecil Van Houten

Ralph and Cecil discuss college admissions and how families of seniors in high school can begin to navigate through the process of selecting a college.

Teaching & Learning Institute / High School Sports Playing Games on Sundays

11.05.09 | Cecil Van Houten

There's controversy surrounding the trend toward high school sports teams playing games on Sundays.

Teaching & Learning Institute / School Bus Safety

10.29.09 | Cecil Van Houten

There's a new pilot program that uses cameras to detect drivers who pass stopped school buses.

Teaching & Learning Institute / How School Funding Will Take a Hit in NY/PA

10.22.09 | Cecil Van Houten

Ralph Kerr discusses the financial implications for school districts on Pennsylvania’s delayed budget approval and the New York state governor’s announcement of cuts in school financial aid for the current school year.

Teaching & Learning Institute / Lengthening the School Year

10.08.09 | Cecil Van Houten

Some school administrations want to increase the number of days kids are in school. Will that improve test scores?

Teaching & Learning Institute / Pro's and Con's of Virtual Learning

10.01.09 | Cecil Van Houten

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Internet high schools.

Teaching & Learning Institute / Legal Rights of Students and Parents in Public Schools

09.24.09 | Cecil Van Houten

Scott Dixon from Liberty Counsel talks about a seminar scheduled for October in Cuba and Rochester.

Teaching & Learning Institute / Premiere

09.17.09 | Cecil Van Houten

Cecil Van Houten brings a new podcast to FLN News from the Teaching and Learning Institute in Houghton, NY.