Inside Out 321: Faith that Sticks

11.18.14 | Martha Manikas-Foster

If you’re a Christian, and a parent, you’ve probably heard that of the teens who attend church for at least a year in high school, 70% walk away as young adults. Almost two-thirds of them return to the church at some point, but--let’s face it—you’re praying that your kids will be among the ones who never stop seeing the value of being part of the church.

Church leaders think a lot about the young people who walk away, but some are also thinking about the ones who stay. Is there something that parents—and the church—can learn from the ones who continue to value a connection to the Body of Christ?

Jon Nelson, author of the blog post “3 Common Traits of Youth Who Don’t Leave the Church,” says that young people who stay are 1) genuinely converted to Christ, 2) have been equipped, not entertained, and 3) had parents who taught them the Gospel.

Ed Stetzer writes that churches that 1) focus on discipleship instead of entertainment help young people see the relevance of faith in Jesus. The ones who stay often also 2) have a home with committed Christian parents, and 3) have had other adults in their lives who live out their faith.

On Inside Out today we hear from Rick Schenker on this question: what is the key characteristic of young adults who continue to find value in the church? Rick is President and CEO of Ratio Christi, a campus-based, Christian apologetics organization which works to equip university students and faculty with historical, philosophical, and scientific reasons for following Jesus Christ.

Listen to hear Rick talk about the value of developing critical thinking skills and applying them to the core beliefs of Christianity. Access this 14-minute conversation by clicking on the LISTEN or DOWNLOAD button above.

Learn more about Rick Schenker and Ratio Christi.


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