Inside Out 318: Regret

10.08.14 | Martha Manikas-Foster

By the year 2050 there’ll be twice as many people age 65 and older in the US than there were just two years ago, but a recent survey reports that past regrets are tarnishing the enjoyment of many of the Baby Boomers’ golden years.

As Baby Boomers age, they’re saying that regrets from their past are lowering the quality of their lives.

The survey, conducted by the National Council on Aging, USA Today, and other agencies on aging, reports that the regrets that haunt people the mostare ones from decades earlier in their lives.

“They haunt us as we’re aging because, as we get into kind of the retirement and end of life issues, there’s no place to hide from the fact that we can’t do them over again,” says

Inside Out guest, Michelle Van Loon. “We can’t go back and hit the reset button on some of those choices we made when we’re young.”

Michelle Van Loon is the author of the new book “If Only: Letting Go of Regret.”

“Our culture tells us that we’re supposed to live a life with no regrets, and just put our heads forward and go-go-go,” she says. “But the truth is that ignoring them--denying they exist--leaves us with a divided heart, leaves us living without the abundant life that Christ promised us, leaves us not living in a true place of peace—of Shalom—with Christ.”

A truly abundant life is available through the very gateway of those regrets, Van Loon tells us. In the process we’ll feel uncomfortable and exposed—which is a great environment for God to work.

“As we see the way that God works, as we encounter that there isn’t anything—anything—that we can do that separates us from His love,” Van Loon says. “Then we discover that He is a redeemer. He can redeem those regrets.”

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“There is no place that you can go—anyone that’s listening to this—nothing that you have done in the past—no matter how shameful it is, no matter how wonderful of a believer that everyone else in your life thought you may have been as you had maybe a secret life going—that is beyond the redemptive touch of God.”


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