FL News Podcasts

FLN News / Seeds of Greatness?

05.25.10 | Ed Thomas

With the price of gasoline hovering consistently near three dollars for regular unleaded and even higher for diesel, the time continues to be right for an experiment by a new upstate regional enterprise -- that's hoping to provide some potential economic independence for New York.

FLN News / Kitchen Technology Tips

05.24.10 | Ed Thomas

FLN News speaks with Ceci Carmichael, TV host of Calling All Cooks and Good Food Fast on the Food Network, to find out how technology can help you to be more organized and efficient in the kitchen.

Food For Thought / Nuts and Cholesterol

05.21.10 | Sherri Watters

A new study shows eating nuts could improve blood cholesterol levels.

Teaching & Learning Institute / School Budget Results

05.20.10 | Cecil Van Houten

Ralph and Cecil discuss the results of the school board/budget elections this week.

Neighborhoods in the Network / Camp Good Days (Branchport, NY)

05.19.10 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Join Martha Manikas-Foster for a look at Camp Good Days and Special Times in Branchport, NY, a welcoming place with free programming for children and adults battling cancer and other life-threatening circumstances.

Teaching & Learning Institute / School Board Elections Loom

05.13.10 | Cecil Van Houten

Cecil and Ralph Kerr continue talking about being involved in your school district.

Neighborhoods in the Network / Greenhouse Project (Elmira, NY)

05.12.10 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Join Martha Manikas-Foster to learn about Elmira, NY’s John B. Rudy Greenhouse Project, a science and horticultural project that -- perhaps as early as September 2010 -- will serve to educate students and beautify public spaces in a five-county region surrounding Elmira.

Food For Thought / Should the Government Limit Your Salt Intake?

05.07.10 | Sherri Watters

Family Life Chef Sherri Watters gives her opinion about whether the government should step in and regulate the amount of salt in food. She also gives you some tips to take charge when it comes to salt intake.

Teaching & Learning Institute / Getting Out The Vote

05.06.10 | Cecil Van Houten

Dr. Kerr and Cecil discuss tangible ways that you can help the candidates you support for school board in the coming elections.

Neighborhoods in the Network / Underground Railroad

05.05.10 | Martha Manikas-Foster

The North Tonawanda History Museum will be hosting the traveling Underground Railroad exhibit "Journey to the North: New York's Freedom Trail" through the end of September 2010. Join Martha Manikas-Foster for a look at New York State's important role in bringing fugitive slaves to safety ...

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