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FLN News / Business Ethics

03.02.09 | Sarah Harnisch

David Armstrong is an author and a successful Christian businessman who has written a new book on leadership. FLN's Sarah Harnisch asks him how to run a business (or a government) with integrity during a down economy.

Food For Thought / Healthy Alternatives for Breakfast

02.27.09 | Sherri Watters

When you go to the store, think twice about reaching for the cereal or instant oatmeal. FLN's Sherri Watters says those foods are not as nutritious as you may think. So how do you start the day off right? Sherri has some healthy foods you can munch on in the morning.

FLN News / President Obama's Budget Blueprint

02.26.09 | Bob Price

FLN News explores President Obama's budget blueprint. Mr. Obama submitted it to Congress Thursday, and our own Ph.D of politics, Dr. Stephen Coleman, chimes in with his thoughts.

Neighborhoods in the Network / Women's Rights National Historical Park

02.25.09 | Martha Manikas-Foster

In July of 1848, three hundred people gathered in Seneca Falls, NY for a convention that changed American history. Join Martha Manikas-Foster for this Neighborhoods in the Network look at the Women's Rights National Historical Park in Seneca Falls.

FLN News / The Bible in Color

02.23.09 | Sarah Harnisch

They are handing them out in prisons, to our soldiers on the way to Iraq, and to unreached tribal people in the jungles of the Pacific Rim. What do all three groups have in common? They are getting the Bible in graphic novel form.

Food For Thought / How Fattening Are Cookbook Recipes?

02.20.09 | Sherri Watters

A pair of researchers from Cornell University are now warning the "Joy of Cooking" cookbook has been packing on the calories in 17 of its classic recipes. They found that changes in serving sizes have led to a 63-percent increase in calories per serving in all but one of those recipes. ...

FLN News / Changing Healthcare

02.19.09 | Ed Thomas

What will it take to begin changing the way healthcare is performed in this country, and to bring the price down while the efficiency goes up? The answers to some of those questions are being provided by nurses, who have found success with some unique programs that have been tested.

Neighborhoods in the Network / Locals to Empire Games

02.18.09 | Martha Manikas-Foster

The Binghamton area's synchronized skating team of 12 to 18 year-olds will be heading to New York's Empire State Winter Games in Lake Placid, NY this weekend, February 20 - 22. Join Martha Manikas-Foster in this Neighborhoods in the Network report to learn about this form of team figure skating ...

FLN News / Investigating Flight 3407

02.17.09 | Bob Price

FLN News investigates the crash of Continental flight 3407. Bob Price speaks with pilot Tom Taylor who has flown many planes like the one that went down Clarence, New York.

FLN News / Unifying the Local Church

02.16.09 | Bob Price

There is a new tool to help improve communication in local churches. FLN's Bob Price explores the software with Matt Frazier. He is the founder of "Unifyer," an Internet-based application that helps de-centralize communication and builds community for the local church.

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