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FLN News / Freedom of Choice Act

02.09.09 | Sarah Harnisch

FLN's Sarah Harnisch explores a bill that would protect a woman's right to an abortion, even if Roe vs. Wade were overturned.

Food For Thought / Brain Food

02.06.09 | Sherri Watters

Sherri shares some foods that will help you keep your mind in tip-top shape.

FLN News / President Obama's Faith-Based Initiative

02.05.09 | Ed Thomas

FLN's Ed Thomas examines how the faith-based initiative of the Obama Administration will differ from the policies of the Bush Administration.

Neighborhoods in the Network / Crayola Factory (Easton, PA)

02.04.09 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Where can you watch crayons and markers roll off the production line, see the world's largest crayon (it's blue), and perhaps pose for a picture with Tip---the life-size crayon mascot? Join Martha Manikas-Foster for a look at the The Crayola Factory.

FLN News / Combating Veteran Suicide

02.03.09 | Ed Thomas

FLN's Ed Thomas examines the record number of suicides in the Army. It is no secret that soldiers often have a hard time re-adjusting to civilian life after their tour of duty is up. Now, a group known as the National Veterans Foundation is stepping up to assist in those transitions.

FLN News / Return of the Fairness Doctrine?

02.02.09 | Bob Price

FLN News takes a look at the Fairness Doctrine. What is it and how will it affect the media? Bob Price speaks with conservative talk show host Janet Parshell.

Food For Thought / Herbal Supplements

01.30.09 | Sherri Watters

Are they safe? FLN's Sherri Watters shares her thoughts.

FLN News / Changing Attitudes About Retirement

01.29.09 | Bob Price

Sun Life Financial did a survey recently and found seventy-seven percent of employees plan to work past the traditional retirement age.

Neighborhoods in the Network / Dollhouses and Miniatures (Hammondsport, NY)

01.28.09 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Three-story Victorian homes and a tiny working steam engine, a fully equipped Mennonite barn and shelves of miniature fighter planes are all a part of the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum's annual Dollhouse and Miniatures exhibit on display until Feb. 22, 2009.

FLN News / New Year Fitness

01.26.09 | Ed Thomas

How are you doing with your New Year's resolution? If you are like most, you are saying, "What resolution?" When it comes to fitness and nutrition, FLN News is here to help.

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