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FLN News / Gov. Paterson Accuses Media of Racial Bias

08.25.09 | Bob Price

Governor Paterson says the media is orchestrating a campaign against him, and it's because of his skin color. FLN's Bob Price asks the PhD of politics, Dr. Steven Coleman, to chime in.

FLN News / A New Website to Help You Save Money

08.20.09 | Bob Price

Commonkindness.com is a website that providers users an average savings of $1,300 a year. It also stimulates growth for business and benefits not-for-profits. How can that be? Find out.

FLN News / What Are People Saying About Healthcare Reform?

08.19.09 | Martha Manikas-Foster

FLN's Martha Manikas-Foster sounds off on how the healthcare debate is being discussed at kitchen tables and water coolers across America.

FLN News / Local Players in Christian Media Honored For Excellence

08.18.09 | Bob Price

FLN News brags on a local columnist and a Christian book store that have received national recognition for their commitment to their craft.

FLN News / Getting the Kids Back to School Ready

08.17.09 | Bob Price

FLN News talks to a couple of early childhood education experts about getting the kids back in the back-to-school routine.

Food For Thought / Taking the Fizz Out of Soda

08.14.09 | Sherri Watters

The health benefits of reducing or eliminating our intake of carbonated beverages.

FLN News - The Next Step For Wounded Vets

08.13.09 | Ed Thomas

What's the biggest challenge facing wounded service members trying to readjust to civilian life as they come home? Bill Patrovicz, founder of Warrior Works, says it's trying to feel productive like a typical person who can go to work every day -- particularly when they need special accommodations ...

Neighborhoods in the Network / Hickory Fest (Wellsboro, PA)

08.12.09 | Martha Manikas-Foster

From August 14 through 16, 2009 an estimated 2,000 people will converge on Stony Fork Creek Campground in Wellsboro, PA for the 2009 Hickory Fest. Learn about the acoustic, bluegrass and Americana music festival that has scheduled concerts, workshops and activities for all ages.

FLN News / What's Best For Long-Term Care

08.11.09 | Ed Thomas

Public or private? Should the government add a nationalized program for long term health care to help seniors and other citizens, or simply make private industry coverage more effective?

Food For Thought / Why Alternative Medicine is All the Rage

08.07.09 | Sherri Watters

The National Review says Americans spent 34 billion dollars on alternative medicine and more than half do so because they cannot afford conventional care. But that's not what Sherri Watters thinks. She says there's something to this new found fascination with lesser known healthcare remedies.

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