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Neighborhoods in the Network / Letchworth Summer Farewell Festival

09.02.09 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Starting at noon on Sunday, September 6, 2009, Western New York’s Letchworth State Park will be celebrating the end of August with its annual Summer Farewell Festival at the Highbanks Recreation Area in the park.

FLN News / Is the New Gender-Neutral NIV Tinkering With Scripture?

09.02.09 | Bob Price

FLN's Bob talks to Randy Stinson, president of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood about the New Look NIV Bible due out in 2011.

FLN News / A Corning Teacher Explores the Bottom of the World

09.01.09 | Bob Price

Special educator instructor Michelle Cross is one of just 10 teachers selected to take part in the polar-trek expedition in Antarctica. She'll be part of a team that's studying never before seen images of the arctic ice shelf.

FLN News / The Swine Flu Shot - Is It Safe?

08.31.09 | Bob Price

We get two differing viewpoints on this controversial issue - one from Dr. Mary Anne Jackson, chief of infections diseases at Children's Mercy Hospitals and Family Life's staff nutritionist, Sherri Watters.

Food For Thought / Back to School Nutrition

08.28.09 | Sherri Watters

Keep the kids healthy this school year!

FLN News / Blight Killing Tomatoes in NY/PA

08.28.09 | Bob Price

It's spreading like wildfire...

FLN News / Fair or Fearful Healthcare Reform Future?

08.27.09 | Ed Thomas

Will the death of the iconic Senator Ted Kennedy give healthcare reform efforts in Congress the emotional momentum needed to get past deadlock and angry citizens? FLN's Ed Thomas speaks with professional crisis management expert and political pundit Tricia Erickson, for an outside-the-beltway look ...

Neighborhoods in the Network / Newtown Battlefield’s 230th (Elmira, NY)

08.26.09 | Martha Manikas-Foster

On August 29 and 30, 2009, the historic Newtown Battlefield near Elmira, NY will commemorate the 230th anniversary of a Revolutionary War battle that directly shaped the history of Central New York. Learn about the forces that clashed on this site in 1779 and how the battle affected the region.

FLN News / Gov. Paterson Accuses Media of Racial Bias

08.25.09 | Bob Price

Governor Paterson says the media is orchestrating a campaign against him, and it's because of his skin color. FLN's Bob Price asks the PhD of politics, Dr. Steven Coleman, to chime in.

FLN News / A New Website to Help You Save Money

08.20.09 | Bob Price

Commonkindness.com is a website that providers users an average savings of $1,300 a year. It also stimulates growth for business and benefits not-for-profits. How can that be? Find out.

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