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FLN News / Church in a Movie Theater

09.10.09 | Bob Price

Pastor John Hasselback shares his vision for the church in the greater Buffalo area and why he decided to hold services in a movie theater near the campus of the University of Buffalo.

Neighborhoods in the Network / Chile Pepper Festival (Bowers, PA)

09.09.09 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Between seven and eight thousand people will be eating chile peppers -- and even singing about them -- at the 14th annual Chile Pepper Food Festival this Friday and Saturday in Bowers, Pennsylvania. Learn more about the foods available -- and the contests -- at this hot and spicy festival.

FLN News / Staying Flu-Safe in School

09.08.09 | Ed Thomas

What strategy works best to avoid extra exposure to germs amidst fear of H1N1 outbreak when children return to school? NEA Health Network spokesman Jerry Newberry says teachers and students can take five simple steps while in school for maximum prevention mileage.

FLN News / Distracted Drivers in School Zones

09.08.09 | Bob Price

Safe Kids USA has just released a study showing how common distracted driving is...and what can be done about it.

Food For Thought / Herbs as Medicine

09.04.09 | Sherri Watters

FLN's Sherri Watters highlights some herbs that work well at curing disease.

FLN News / God's Word Strengthens Against Despair

09.03.09 | Ed Thomas

Should Christians be better situated to handle tough times than others who don't hold religious faith? In concern for the numbers of increasing suicides among the unemployed that include Christians, a parachurch ministry is offering a discipleship course which it believes can lay a foundation that ...

Neighborhoods in the Network / Letchworth Summer Farewell Festival

09.02.09 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Starting at noon on Sunday, September 6, 2009, Western New York’s Letchworth State Park will be celebrating the end of August with its annual Summer Farewell Festival at the Highbanks Recreation Area in the park.

FLN News / Is the New Gender-Neutral NIV Tinkering With Scripture?

09.02.09 | Bob Price

FLN's Bob talks to Randy Stinson, president of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood about the New Look NIV Bible due out in 2011.

FLN News / A Corning Teacher Explores the Bottom of the World

09.01.09 | Bob Price

Special educator instructor Michelle Cross is one of just 10 teachers selected to take part in the polar-trek expedition in Antarctica. She'll be part of a team that's studying never before seen images of the arctic ice shelf.

FLN News / The Swine Flu Shot - Is It Safe?

08.31.09 | Bob Price

We get two differing viewpoints on this controversial issue - one from Dr. Mary Anne Jackson, chief of infections diseases at Children's Mercy Hospitals and Family Life's staff nutritionist, Sherri Watters.

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