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Teaching & Learning Institute / How School Funding Will Take a Hit in NY/PA

10.22.09 | Cecil Van Houten

Ralph Kerr discusses the financial implications for school districts on Pennsylvania’s delayed budget approval and the New York state governor’s announcement of cuts in school financial aid for the current school year.

Neighborhoods in the Network / Safe Kids Weekend (Fly Creek, NY)

10.21.09 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Learn about a program on October 24 and 25, 2009 designed to keep children safe this Halloween. It’s the Otsego County Safe Kids Weekend at the Fly Creek Cider Mill, just four miles from Cooperstown, NY.

FLN News / YouthCorps Building For a Family in Need

10.20.09 | Bob Price

A Christian humanitarian group is building a new home for a special needs family from Machius, NY. Find out more in this podcast!

FLN News / The Greatest Story Ever Told Gets the Hollywood Treatment

10.19.09 | Bob Price

A new audio bible published by Thomas Nelson features more than 400 actors and actresses and a world-class musical score. FLN's Bob Price talks to the director, Jobe Cerney.

FLN News / Cruise Through Clergy Appreciation Month

10.12.09 | Bob Price

The co-founders of commonkindness.com talk to FLN's Bob Price about how you can send your pastor on a cruise for Clergy Appreciation Month.

Food For Thought / Mood Foods

10.09.09 | Sherri Watters

Sherri talks about foods you can eat that make you less likely to become depressed.

Teaching & Learning Institute / Lengthening the School Year

10.08.09 | Cecil Van Houten

Some school administrations want to increase the number of days kids are in school. Will that improve test scores?

Neighborhoods in the Network / Pumpkin Olympics (Clarence, NY)

10.07.09 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Join Martha Manikas-Foster for this Neighborhoods in the Network report on the Clarence, New York Pumpkin Olympics, a chance to bowl with, leap over, and dash with pumpkins -- and even, on Monday, watch a one thousand pound pumpkin drop from a hundred feet in the air.

FLN News / How to Beat Depression

10.06.09 | Bob Price

Dr. Donald Hall -- author of "Breaking through Depression" -- talks to FLN News about the symptoms of depression and how to erase the stigma associated with depression.

FLN News / Should PA Lawmakers be Recalled?

10.05.09 | Bob Price

A House democrat has proposed a constitutional amendment that would force lawmakers to seek re-election every time there's a late state budget.

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