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Teaching & Learning Institute / Federally-Funded School Breakfasts and Lunches

12.17.09 | Cecil Van Houten

Ralph and Cecil discuss federally-funded school breakfast and lunch programs and how many children miss out because their parents haven’t signed up for them.

FLN News / Will the World Agree on Climate Change?

12.16.09 | Ed Thomas

The Copenhagen Climate Change Conference may be the most important meeting on the topic that's ever taken place, and the implications for the U.S.'s laws and its economy perhaps never bigger. FLN News looks at the issues figuring into commitment to change on the part of all the nations...

FLN News / Welcome to Washington, Mr. Congressman (Part 2)

12.15.09 | Ed Thomas

FLN News looks at Congressmen Eric Massa from NY, and Glenn Thompson from PA, both beginning their second year in Washington, continues. The team went to the U.S. Capitol to find out what you would see if you went to check on the lawmakers in person.

FLN News / Welcome to Washington, Mr. Congressman (Part 1)

12.14.09 | Ed Thomas

The journey into politics has led two freshman politicians from NY and PA into the fast-paced world of the U.S. federal government in Washington. FLN News spoke with New York 29th District Representative Eric Massa and Pennsylvania 5th District Representative Glenn Thompson, who took us inside ...

FLN News / The Marketing of Tiger Woods

12.10.09 | Bob Price

Syracuse University professor Bob Thompson talks about how times have changed for the most marketable sports figure in U.S. history.

Teaching & Learning Institute / Helper Dogs in Schools

12.10.09 | Cecil Van Houten

Cecil and Ralph discuss the growing trend of using "helper dogs" in elementary school classrooms to help teach children how to read.

Neighborhoods in the Network / Bethlehem Marketplace (Warren, PA)

12.09.09 | Martha Manikas-Foster

For three days in December the hallways and great spaces at Calvary Baptist Church in Warren, Pennsylvania will be transformed into the streets of first century Bethlehem for what the church calls its Bethlehem Marketplace. Join Martha Manikas-Foster for a look at the event planned for December ...

FLN News / Keep on Task With Christmas Spending

12.08.09 | Bob Price

Everybody desires to stay within their budget when it comes to holiday spending, but few succeed. Nic Jacobs with the National Foundation for Credit Counseling says there's a lot of pitfalls you have to watch out for.

Food For Thought / Avoid Overeating

12.04.09 | Sherri Watters

Avoiding overeating over the holidays. Sherri gives us some great tips on how to watch what we eat as we spend time with friends and family.

Teaching & Learning Institute / Cell Phones in the Classroom

12.03.09 | Cecil Van Houten

Ralph and Cecil discuss the changing role of cell phones in the classroom and how they can be used to enhance the educational experience.

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