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Bird Flu Scare

12.21.11 | Bob Price

Federal biosecurity experts are urging two scientific journals to refrain from publishing details about a man-made version of bird flu.

Former P.A. Senator Rick Santorum Could Be The Next Mike Huckabee

12.21.11 | Bob Price, Sarah Harnisch

Experts are predicting he has the possibility of taking the Iowa caucuses January 3rd.

Recall Alert

12.20.11 | Bob Price

A major car company and food distributor wants you to know about a new recall

Good Grades for Governor Cuomo

12.20.11 | Bob Price

After one year in office, how do NY voters like the job their new Governor is Doing?

New Teen Driving Law in Pennsylvania

12.20.11 | Bob Price

There’s a new present behind the wheel this Christmas for Pennsylvania teen drivers, stricter laws for their safety.

Social Media Saves the Baby Jesus

12.20.11 | Bob Price

Police in Virginia have used social media to return the baby Jesus to the manger in Frederiksburg.

North tests missile after it's leader dies

12.19.11 | Bob Price

The Repressive Regime says its leaders passing will not deter it's weapons program

Woman Puts gifts in Wrong Car

12.19.11 | Bob Price

Bah, Humbug !! A Michigan woman put $700 worth of gifts in the wrong car !!!

Major Snow Storm Cripples SouthWest

12.19.11 | Bob Price

Snow is falling in the South West....Will we see some in time for Christmas?

Tax Cut deal Still up in Air

12.19.11 | Bob Price

A deal to extend the payroll tax cut is still undecided as lawmakers haggle over the fine print.

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